What happened to Laci Peterson?

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  1. one thing that strikes me is, how many rapists target pregnant women? i suppose there could be a killer who only wanted to kill. however, a rapist or serial killer that would target a pregnant woman just does not seem likely, although not impossible..

    plus, the husband was having an affair and his cooperation with the police is questionable. when i was like 19, i was taken away in a police car for armed robbery! lol! for the record, i have never been arrested in my life. anyway, a male about 18 years old driving the same color car as mine robbed a gas station. well i guess a few minutes later, i drove by the same gas station. the cops followed me to my house and took me away in a police car. i knew i had nothing to do with it, so the entire time i was telling the cops, "ask me anything you want." since i was so cooperative, i remember hearing one cop say to another cop that it was "doubtful" that i was the suspect. eventually they took me down to the eye witness who got robbed, they shined a light in my eyes so i couldn't see her, and the lady said it was not me and they let me go.
  2. who cares what happened to her! it's hardly national news..
    people go missing/are killed all the time... why the hell is she so special!

    personally, i find the story of my uncle who went missing in argentina in the 70s during the purges of their Guerra Sucia much more intriguing.
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    So Dan...you gonna keep us in suspense? Or are you gonna tell us what you did with the old boy??

  4. very true, but now that it has the spotlight, it makes you wonder a little.