What happened to John & Jane Doe?

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  1. I am looking at a sample example of a 1040A from the IRS. In the location "Label" the persons named are:

    Rufus Maple & Mary Maple

    They have the same address, if I remember correctly, of John and Jane Doe.

    1234 Main Street

    Anytown, LA 70000
  2. I think "John & Jane Doe" lost their home due to the mortgage crisis, and "Rufus Maple & Mary Maple" purchased their house through foreclosure...
  3. My first thought too. John and Jane Doe are a victim of Subprime. Then I thought perhaps with a name like Rufus, would be a red flag for financing. (groan).
  4. Illegal meth lab may be cause of house fire

    A residence in Anytown was destroyed early Monday morning from an explosion authorities believe came from a meth lab.

    Pronounced dead at the scene were John Doe and Jane Doe both 33, of 1234 Main Street.

    Police repeated their warnings about the dangers faced by the community, drug makers, police, and firefighters because of the clandestine laboratories and the volatile chemicals they use.

    It is reported in the United States that about 25 per cent of clandestine drug laboratories located by law enforcement agencies are found after they explode.

    Kaboom. Hey, found another one.