what happened to HSI tonight?

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  1. Is anyone following the HSI? What caused that 400+ pt surge in the index futures? The action on there tonight is crazy! It started out relatively tame, and then it went parabolic to the upside.
  2. US election?
  3. I was thinking that but the US futures only moved a couple of points. The movement of the HSI was over 10x larger
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    All markets including the US markets are ready to surge ahead, this is going to be the ultimate global bull market in history. Buy anything and everything!!!!
  5. but all the genii here at good old et were bear ish?
  6. 400 is about 1.5 %, get a grip, you see what kind of childishness we have to put up with here?
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    Check out the Sensex index

    March 2009: 8200

    November November 2010: 20345

    From under 9,000 to over 20,000 in less than 2 years, talk about a rally, once this rally comes to a stop the only way is going to be down, and a 25-40% correction is certainly not out of question. No need for anyone to start crying and start to scream and yell about any correction in any market now or anytime over the next 2 years as everyone should know a great correction will be coming once all these carry trades and stimulus money finally comes to an end over the next 2 years. In the mean time great asset bubbles will be created not just here in the US but around the globe.
  8. It was more like 500 from the gap close after open.

    Then it broke through resistance levels that have held for a while. Then it continued up to close the gap from last May/June.

    A nice move with some good trading opportunities.
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    You should take a look at the HSI price action history alone involving the following instead of doing a comparison of the HSI price movement to the US futures price movement:

    * Day before U.S. FED meeting

    * Day after U.S. FED meeting

    * Day before U.S. elections

    * Day after U.S. elections

    There's usually (more often than not) either a trend day or strong directional price movement in the HSI.

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    Look at all the threads which start with a similar question. The result is inevitable.

    Random guesses from those who do not know.
    Silence from those who do.

    The poster ends up receiving guesses masquerading as fact, and is worse off for believing any of it. (as are readers who do not know better and accept the "reasons" given).

    With the exception of genuine incorrect prints, I really wish people would have the intelligence to stop creating threads like this.
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