What happened to Free Thinker

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Wallet, Jan 13, 2013.

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    He was born again and joined a Benedictine Monastery where he makes herbal hand lotion and isn't allowed to speak.
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    Pee Drinker? It made him sick and he died.
  4. Well, the election is over. The wingers are dyed in the wool nutbirds. FT probably just realized that talking to this group is largely a waste of time, and found better things to do.

    After awhile, arguing down here is like arguing in a ward full of schizoaffective patients. Reality orientation is simply not an option.
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    Yeah, you lie pathologically and everyone else is a nutbird. Got any more phony journal entries you'd like to make?
  6. Free Thinker wasn't the type to engage in debate...in fact, he could easily be categorized as someone "in love with the sound of their own voice" (i.e. he spent 90% of his time here spamming about Christianity and his obsession with organized religions).

    He never struck me as the type to just walk away from the forums, considering he's been here for more than a decade on his little crusade.
  7. I can tell you as a matter of fact that Free is sipping cocktails on the Queen Mary2 at some exotic resort or over the wide oceans.
    I'm sure he isn't missing us as much as we miss him.
  8. Funny, I didn't even notice he was gone, nor do I care whence he went.
    Maybe it was time for his celestial dirt nap and now he's in the hands of GOD:D :D
  9. Another nutbird living in his own reality. PROVE that my entries were false.
  10. really?
    Then how come you are running away as fast as you can from posting your returns as you said you would?

    I've posted mine where are your's for the challenge.

    oh I can hear the you firing up the excuse making machine as I type.:D :D :D :D
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