'What happened to Europe's collapse ?'

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  1. They got responsible and minimized socialism, despite Obama recommendations. [​IMG]
  2. The article misunderstands the underlying problem: the euro lowers Europe's long-term growth rate, tilts the entire European economy heavily towards benefiting Germany and basically looting the rest of the place, and so makes the kind of imbalances you see in the PIIGS pretty much inevitable.
    The politics of the euro mean no one is getting out any time soon. That'll change, but betting on when is like betting on when the RE market would pop prior to when it did. Everyone knew it was a problem, but no one knew when it was going to blow everything up. Ditto with the euro.
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    Tsing Tao

    the irish were almost done for last week but the ecb stepped in to play printing press.
  4. How long can that last?
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    Rumors of the demise of the free world are greatly exagerated. :p
  6. it won't collapse ever... until it does. it isn't an "if" anymore- it will simply happen either when the lies cannot be continued any longer, or china finds it in their best interest to call our bluffs
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    you must be french or anti german.
    the thieves in southern europe ie greece have stolen billions from germany in agricultural subsidies.
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    They got bailed out by China.

    .....Germany, more than most other Western industrialized countries, is currently tying its economic well-being to China's recovery. Trade with Beijing is the most important driving force behind the current German upswing. It also explains why economists also foresee a bright future for the German economy in the medium term....

  9. While the apocalyptic visions that talking heads love so much have not come to happen (the dollar is dead, the euro is dead, China itself will collapse, etc.) and are unlikely to happen, we are by no means out of the woods yet and we'll hear again about Greece, Spain, etc.

    However, with China, Japan and the US trying all to out-poor the others, I don't see the euro either actually breaking politically or collapsing in value.

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