What happened to EUR future at 8:38pm?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by adadadog, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. spiked from 1.338 to 3+ with 25k contracts on IB. Any idea?

    My theory: there are buy-stops up-to 3; somebody raided them in thin volume and got easy profit
  2. this is why I stopped trading FX on globex Sunday nights, this kind of stuff happens all the time but usually you only get busted for 30 ticks or so this is another matter altogether. surely those trades will be busted though... 2 and 3 are so far from the market that those cannot be real trades...this looks like bad data to me.


    there are only two trades I see at 3.0623 one for 26,439 and one for 1...You would see many more stops going off from 1.33 to 3 if this was legitimate...
  3. slacker


    Interesting, I just spent the last 10 minutes debugging my charting software and thought it was a data-fart... I should add a little more code to look for Bids or Asks way outside of trading range.... It would probably be busted correct? There had to be more orders within that distance.....
  4. benwm


    also one in GBP.USD around the same time, 6k trading at 5.666!
    Really messed up my bollinger bands!

    So if this is busted isn't there some charge imposed by IB?
  5. benwm


    WTF - I just got another spike in GBP.USD upto 6.798, showing 74K traded!
    Something's up with IB's data.
  6. benwm


    Now JPY and CHF futures f***ed up too. GBP, EUR, JPY and CHF Jun10 charts on Globex completely useless.

    Come on IB, pull your finger out...:mad:
  7. LeeD


    Looks like IB decided to "mitigate" this by disabling hisotrical data for Globex EUR futures.