What happened to competition ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by taodr, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. taodr


    What happened ? I thought I would learn a bit more. Did the baby brains ruin the challenge ?
  2. people don't want to lose to Gordon Gekko.
  3. taodr

    I don't think the competition was properly setup for a learning experience.

    If it is...what have you learned so far that can be applied to your trading???

    I thought it was just a challenge and nothing more.

    Although those that were being challenge didn't show up.

    Thus, even the purpose for the challenge wasn't achieved.

    I could be wrong unless those that posted were the ones T-REX was talking about.

  4. zxcv1fu


    Maybe there should be a daily real time future trading log with clear rules (can only post trades & result) & display (position, entry, stop, exit. P/L for the trade & for the day. no trading size).
    Any discussion should be posted in a separate thread.

    Then we can really see the action hero:)
  5. taodr


    Nahabvishnu:D Actually AMT was educational. If I can broaden my shallow mind then I am always willing.
  6. T-REX



    Sorry DUDES no competition today. :(

    Today is my birthday and I'm taking some time off to be with my family.:D

    C Ya 2 morrow.:)
  7. taodr


    Happy Birthday T-REX , as to your age I promise never to go there.
  8. funky


    honestly, i'd rather have a thread that people just posted their weekly trades. i think far more people would join if this was the nature of the topic. if someone wants to lie, oh well, that sucks.

    i actually posted my results for today in another thread for the first time, only because it was my biggest day yet in terms of execution of my strategy.
  9. taodr


    Funky.. which thread?
  10. funky


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