What happened to CL 9/6 am?

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  1. Maybe a newbie question here, but you have to start somewhere...

    At 8:36am az time there was an upside gap from 74.15 to 77.09. 2$ gaps are uncommon in CL?

    Also, regarding the CME labor day schedule:

    "Sunday, Sep 6
    1700 CT – Regular CME Globex open for NYMEX, COMEX and DME products on CME Globex for trade date Tuesday, Sept 8"

    What is this saying? Sunday regular open for Tuesday trade date?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Surdo


    Did you expect liquidity on Labor Day weekend?
  3. You may have mistakenly associated the "Sunday Sep 6" part with the rest of the quote.

    Bottom line, CL on Globex closes this afternoon at I think 12:15pm CT, and re-opens at 17:00 CT (this evening) for the start of the Tues. 9/7 session. Don't know why there's a "Tues. 9/8" reference.

    By the way, I don't have any prints above 74.49, so you may have some bad data.
  4. Thanks tomahawk.

    Attached is my NT 7 chart for CL. When I closed it earlier today, it had a 2$ upside gap. I just reopened it. Look where the price is on the chart and what Bid/Ask quote is. That does not make sense.
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  6. Surdo


    Why are you trading December Crude, October is still the front month?

    Where is this $2 SPIKE you are trying to show us on the chart, it is just a bad quote while the market is closed.

    Ever see a Nasdaq quote close locked up/down $20 and the market re-opens flat.
  7. Expect the bid and ask to be closer to the last traded price when the market reopens in a few hours.
  8. Not trading it, Surdo. I was just playing around with NT 7 testing it out when I saw the upside gap.

    I did not take a screenshot when the chart displayed the gap. I should have. The attachment was when I reopened the program hours later. I saw the spike and inaccurate quotes 2 hours before the market closed.

    Thanks for your help. I value commentary from more experienced people.
  9. Surdo


    No problem, I have no idea what I am doing in Crude, but I stick with the front month, and only trade/test during RTH, and avoid EIA announcements!
  10. The cme does not say Tuesday Sept 8 it says the 7th , so what it's saying is it opens today for tomorrow trade date like it always does but essentially includes all of Sunday/Monday's action as part of that day so it's basically two days in one. It closed at 1:15pm EST and reopened at regular opening time 6:00pm.

    As for the gap there is definitely no gap because I am looking at chart from futuresource/esignal and there is no gap for Dec crude, the market is less liquid but not that much, it is still crude after all, must just be a problem with NT. Not to mention the V/Z spread had a 20 tick range all day so I would definitely say it is just a chart problem.

    So yeah what tomahawk and others have said.
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