What Happened to Capitalizim????

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    Contact your Senators and State Representatives !!!!

    The Bush administration seeks ``dictatorial power unreviewable by the third branch of government, the courts, to try to resolve the crisis,'' said Frank Razzano, a former assistant chief trial attorney at the Securities and Exchange Commission now at Pepper Hamilton LLP in Washington. ``We are taking a huge leap of faith.''

    WE ARE FUCKED!!!!!

  2. what do you expect?

    the village commie-idiots are running the show.

    The simplest solution would be to, if necessary, let entire wallstreet fail.

    It would be painful, just like the collapse of communism was painful for the commies.

    This is probably the last time americans will have the opportunity to wrestle the central bank out of private hands.

    do you know who will benefit from the american taxpayer underwriting this mess?

    The private federal reserve gets to effectively put its enemy banks out of business. It will be using public funds to purchase these derivatives then off-load for a profit.

    The private bankers who own the federal reserve stand to make a fortune to last them another 100 years. No one said the useless rich were dumb.