What happened to briefing.com?

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  1. Is it just my imagination or has the usefulness of Briefing.com just fallen off the table recently? They don't seem to have as much earnings coverage, most of their morning news is now "on the wires" rather than focused coverage, they don't even list the gapping stocks every morning. They don't give the oil inventory data like they used to, they hardly follow even the major economic numbers. Thankfully I'm not paying for what was once a pretty useful service.
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    As of this morning they were still listing the gapping stocks.

    How do you get it without paying?
  3. Yeah, right after I posted i noticed they had the gappers today. I didn't see it the last two days though.

    I get it through one of my brokers. I don't think it is the full package, but I do get In Play, Stock Briefs, etc.
  4. briefing.com HAS gone to hell. I'm dropping it. My regular newsfeeds are faster than briefing's rehashes of the headlines.
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    briefing is more valuable for their screening than news - I made $5Gs yesterday from their tipoff on JVA.