What happened to Bone ?

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  1. What happened to Bone ?
  2. Robert Morse

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  3. Is Bone supposed to be Kimbo Slice here, o_O
    (vanzandt and Pekelo and Johnny Rock and expiated and Sweet and Sour Bobby and SimpleMeLike...are the guys in the background.)
    and MarketSurfer is the crooked cop, or prison guard.

    'I'm talkin to you, partna...You hear this mutha fucka....'

    'You got till the Count of Five.' -- that kind of made me think of the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. One, Two, Five,
    Cute, tiny, rabbit.
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  4. Robert Morse

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    Nope. Bone is MJW.
  5. He was here on the 4th...so unless it took a few days to sink in, it wasn't XIV.
  6. He got a boner.
  7. Perhaps he spread himself too thin.
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