What happened to [b]BuyLo[/b]

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Trexticle, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. I miss his postings. Him not being here is probably a sell signal.
  2. he is either on holiday or he is busy trading the gold hike.
  3. margin call?
  4. Capitulated. Went long and is embarrassed to admit defeat after being wrong for so very, very long. :D
  5. He left around the same time as Lou Dobbs.

    mmmnnnhhh, never did see the two of them together........
  6. He admitted he doesn't trade, so margin call/blow up is off the table.

    I thought he was back when I saw the other thread titled "The Apocalyptic Depression of the 21st century".

  7. Arnie


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  8. thats also what i thought when i saw it

    maybe just changed screen name, as there are many similarities
  9. Buy low works for ET as a troll which is why this thread remains in economics. My trading related threads get moved to chit chat and I don't work for ET