What happened to Anek's AHG thread?

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  1. I saw a lot of banerting in that thread near the end, which was sad to see. Anek spent countless hours answering questions and giving out great ideas, all to help the struggling trader.

    Questioning the validity of his P&L was annoying. No one knows how many lots he trades so trying to guess if his P&L was 'true' or not was stupid.

    To sum it up, thanks to all the douchebags who got his thread closed (Not the mods fault). I learned more there then in most threads on ET, and it feels like we've lost a great mentor.

  2. Snake oil vendors have a interest in making sure nothing clear and concise on trading ever surfaces on ET.

    Traders who do well on a easily scalable method get given offers to manage money, which means competition for some.

    Lastly the losers of ET who dont want anyone getting what they paid dearly for through a few blown accounts.

    Anek mentioned the pm's he was getting form the detractors from the start.


    Its business ya know.
  3. Hersheyism shows that a lot of people come in, talk a good line, and a lot of newbies try to jump on a gravy train. I never read Anek's thread, but I hope it was a lot better than the Hershey Smoke and Mirrors. Jack set up an endless labrynth to lure newbies around, filling them with false hope and bringing attention to himself.

    If you want to help new traders, it shouldn't take a 700 page thread to do it. That is called WAY TOO COMPLICATED

    It is an poor trader who thinks that the market is ruled by channels, oscillators, indicators and other undiscovered magic formulas. The market is ruled by indexes made of dozens to hundreds of individual stocks, or commodities based on supply/demand and other forces, individual stocks operating in a complex world, currencies tied to the vagaries of an individual country, etc.

    I don't remember IBM ever putting out an annual report saying that "due to trend lines, unfavorable Fibonacci retracements or a counter-cyclical FFTs, this year has less than the desired return to shareholders..."
  4. First of all, the fact your mentioning Jack and Anek in the same paragraph tells your actual views on the thread even though you've admitted you haven't read the thread. :mad:

    Secondly, page number total or bandwidth is a bad reference or gauge of how simple or complicated a method is that's being discussed.

    Most method sharing threads with high activity reach high numbers in pages for any of the following reasons:

    * Those reading the thread actually are benefiting from the information and that prompts them to participate in the discussions with the thread starter and with other readers of the thread.

    * There's high activity of interaction amongst the viewers/readers themselves without involving Anek himself.

    * Methodology threads at ET started during high or rising volatility market conditions tend to be very active in comparison to threads started in low volatility market conditions.

    * The thread involved a daily market discussion element.

    Once again, Anek didn't make the thread +500 pages.

    Market conditions and interest of the readers made it a high page count and it has absolutely nothing to do with how simple or difficult a method is.

    Don't forget, it is a Journal and there was daily market discussions before, during and after the markets had closed.

    If you don't understand what a Journal is then your own trade journal may only be a few pages long under the facade of keeping it simple. :cool:

    By the way, courtesy of a close family friend, I've seen a few very complex IBM manuals that I don't understand but is very simple technical stuff for him and others in similar like work.

    In other words, it's a matter of perspective of what's simple to one person and complex to another person.

    Last of all, I do remember your own journal.

    Note: I won't post the link to your ET journal because some info you posted in your journal was in violation of EliteTrader.com TOU policy as confirmed by the moderator...that info was deleted by the moderator and it had nothing to do with C2.

    After the moderator made his commentary got involved and cleaned up your journal...

    There was a chat conversation in which another ET member said your approach to trading was way too complicated in reference to system designing.

    See what I mean by its a matter of perspective because I'm sure you'll say there was nothing complex about your method.

    Regardless, the key here is that you said you haven't read Anek's journal. :confused:

  5. Listen, the guy gave way too much info, way too much time and way too much edge for free (all at the benefit of the readers).

    But to state that 700 pages is somehow proof that it is overcomplicated, is well, oversimplistic. The man shared/wasted his time responding to questions that were many times answered on the first page.

    The guy clearly trades for a living, and yes, 70k days are possible. Those that disputed his wins were jealous. (I really don’t understand why Anek posted anything about his PnL but everyone has a reason)

    I hope Anek returns soon for phase <i>numero</i> <b>DOS</b>.

  6. Correct. Nothing complicated at all about his system. It lost money hand over fist. Since then, he has spent his life decrying the work of others, or creating numerous threads in a fruitless effort to 'debunk' these 'myths' of trading success. No matter that people post their trade blotters showing numerous successful trades and significant amounts of profit. It's all irrelevant to rcandyass. He can't do it, therefore nobody can.

    By painting any thread or method as 'too complicated' he rationalizes away his inability to succeed. Nothing wrong at all if he chooses to live life a failure. He should however cease projecting his own inadequacies onto others.

    - Spydertrader
  7. Although only a handfull of folks participated in Anek's thread, just look at the number of downloads of charts and you can see there was quite a following. Apparently some of those following either saw the thread as somehow threatening, or it caused them deep feelings about their own inability to trade profitably. That is fine, this is an open forum, just as our county has open borders. You have to expect some of this. If Anek should desire to share again, (I really don't know why he would though), it would be to everyone's advantage for him to be able to screen participants. May need his own site. However, I do not believe he is out to sell anything, so that would just be an expense to him. He gave it a good try, and I would call it a success.

    Thanks A.
  8. Quote from NihabaAshi:

    Last of all, I do remember your own journal. After the moderator made his commentary got involved and cleaned up your journal...

    Whatever. I made it very clear that the system had no customers, and anyone trying to "sign up" would have found no way to do so. I said the truth, he had other ideas, and that is his right as a moderator. I report many many spam posts to them via the complain button, as they could probably attest.

    There was a chat conversation in which another ET member said your approach to trading was way too complicated in reference to system designing.

    No one has been privy to my approach to trading as I have not ever said the core of what I do, so I have no idea where you dug that up.
  9. Since you seem to accumulate all your own self-importance from carrying on the legend of a featherweight, Hersheyism, good luck in your own little world.
  10. To everyone complaining about Aneks journal...Nobody forced you to read it, or participate in the thread. It was the most positive disscussion on this site and many of us enjoyed it and were benefited by it. I feel it is a shame that the thread was closed because of a few negetive people that couldn't handle seeing other people learn how to be successful in this business. I wonder how much time you all spent actually trying to implement his strategies before coming to the thread to rescue all of us. If you would have spent your time trying to develope your skill in his trading approach rather than wasting it trying destroy Aneks thread (that many of us had the right and the priviledge to participate in, without having to listen to all the bulshit spewing out of your mouths) You could have learned from him. Since you are all interested in P/L statements, Let's see yours. And while your at it why not share some of your great trading skills with others like Anek was willing to do. My guesse is you don't have any...To Anek if you read this thread I hope you know how appreciative many of us were of your help and hope to hear from you again.

    Good Luck in all you do.
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