What happened to all the honest people?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by cashmoney69, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. As you can see from the time I posted this thread, I stayed up all night again :( . I just got done watching a series of infomercial about these guys trying to sell you their "system".

    They claim that their users make tens of thousands of dollars a month, risk free. Most of these "systems" cover RE and stocks, but from doing the research into these "people", I've found that not ONE of them is actually for real. Some of these guys walk a fine line between legal and illegal practices, while others just tell you to do the impossible, like buy RE with no money down.

    If I ever "make it" in this business, I'd like to develop my own "system", or maybe even rent out a space and teach trading classes to people

    Why is it that all these people have full pockets, half a heart, and no ethics?..WTF?!

    It seems every day that someone comes on ET asking how to be a trader, where to start, or what not. They'd probably buy an easy to follow DVD that can answer their questions, and begin a path to success.

    ok... I'm ready for criticism.
  2. What happened to all the honest people?

    Ask diogenes.
  3. cashmoney69,

    There have been dishonest and unethical people in business/trade several hundred years before you were born and will continue to do so long after we are dead.

    You name the profession and you'll find some story about some guy or gal using the profession in a dishonest and unethical way.