What happened to all the Bears?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sophiekay, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Just when I was about to sell all of my shares and move to Siberia, all the Bears went away. What happened? :D
  2. I think this might answer your question :


    :D :D :D
  3. I'm still bearish. Bought some GOOG puts today right before market close.
  4. I love complacency. It makes it that much harder for bulls to sell during the next round. It's sad that market crashes could be avoided if human nature didn't lean towards a fantasy of constant safety.
  5. There are shorts almost every day regardless of market direction. Just cant be too greedy in an uptrend.
  6. Us versus them mentality.. unprofessional, unprofitable.. childish
  7. the smart bears turned into bulls today.
  8. 2006


    Damn you stole my line.
  9. MattF


    at least for today...boy if this goes right back for another push again upward, it quite possibly could be one of the best short-term squeezes ever...

    (if the bears weren't getting killed enough before..lol)
  10. Quark


    Good grief, one day of recovery and suddenly happy days are here again for the bulls?! If I were long, I'd be just a wee bit concerned about how anxious (desperate?) some folks are to call the bottom. I think considerably more fear and worry will be necessary to register an intermediate term low.

    In addition, after a four plus year bull run it's also possible the tide has turned on a longer term basis. If the longer term trend has turned down, buying the dips will become quite painful. Bear markets can remain oversold for long periods just as bull markets can remain overbought for long periods.
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