What happened to all the BDT threads?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by maggandre, May 18, 2004.

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  1. One was closed, the other disappeared?
  2. Quah


    Shogun-trader posted on the newer thread before is vanished - a long tirade where he complained about the treatment he got here.

    He also said that he would NOTbe answering any questions about their advertising, claims, or anything like that from their website.

    Quite the opposite of what BestDayTrader said yesterday.
  3. It looks like the second one got moved to Feedback.
  4. lol.. what good is a message board if members opinions arent welcome?

    i attempted to start a "Newbie aviod list" thread so that we could have a place to compile this type of info for new traders.. somehow it didnt work right..

  5. newtoet


  6. how many ways can members of ET say the same thing on three different threads??! This obsessive attack seems like a 1800s lynch mob without the stolen horse. Come on.... we're all are beginning to sound like a bunch of women (no offense babe)! "Oh honey... I love your hair... WHO is YOUR new hairdresser, and how do I know I can trust her... let me see the track record"

    Sure... everyone is and should be skeptical, but even a dead horse doesn't get beat this much! :p :p :p

  7. crap! we forgot to steal a horse.. ah well.. there will be better hangings down the road..

  8. dbphoenix


    Hmmm. Closed again. Interesting.
  9. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I am trying to consolidate all these threads and keep things somewhat orderly. Having 5 or 6 different threads all talking about the same thing and containing links to one another is stupid, especially when there is so much flaming going on.

    Speaking of that, let me make a comment to all members. The flaming that has been recently going on will not be tolerated. If you want to ask BDT or any other vendor a question about their service, that's fine, but the name-calling and personal attacks are totally inappropriate. Specifically, I'm talking about these references to them being a scam, snakeoil, etc. Unless you signed up in the past and have personal experience with this service, you have no basis for using references like that.

    The reason why we have a ratings system for brokers and software on this site is that users can rate a firm based upon their own experiences. Obviously, the ratings have no value if they are posted by people who have never even used the service.

    Along that same line of logic, YOUR POSTS HAVE NO VALUE if you've never used BDT, but continue to flame and name-call as if you have. So don't knock it unless you plan on backing up your accusation with a report of your experience as a past customer. Otherwise your post is going to get deleted and your account will be suspended until you can back up what you say.
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