What happened just now 1pm EST?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by mizhael, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Why did the 10yr note all of a sudden plunged large measure?

    I couldn't find any clue for it...
  2. Is this a joke?
  3. Are you aware of bond auctions happening out there? There was one and it didn't go too well...
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    I hope you are trading on the simulator!
  5. folks, don't laugh me. This is my second day on trading treasuries...with a small trial amount.

    I previously traded other stock stuff... but am really a newbie to this different world...

    Where do I see the auction? I am eager to learn where you guys obtain information in the treasury trading world?
  6. It's all over but try here for free stuff:

    A news service will help as well.

    These days it's all about the auctions.
  7. Here. I will save you some moola.

    Tomorrow there is $24 billion auction of 7-year notes.

    If you want you can donate into my PayPal account.
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  9. Thanks! I kept refreshing my pages on MarketWatch (my old habbit from trading stocks and ES) but it didn't mention a single word about an auction which was going on...
  10. Shoot! Thanks a lot!

    I was on a Bloomberg Calendar, but only focused on housing data (old habbit from trading stocks and ES, etc.) and forgot to notice the auction...

    It seems in the treasury trading you guys don't care about those housing data, durable goods, etc.?
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