what happened @3.55 EST DAX dropped 170 pts! did Eurex go down or only IB?

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  1. 170 points in a blink and IB went down. saw bid and ask but would not execute orders for several minutes.

    i can't find any news. anyone


    last man on the deal team who had a really nice gain if IB would have executed me. REALLY hoping EUREX went down and not just ib- i don't need another expensive reason to hate ib...
  2. ok, China raise rate 25bps.

    odd that the reaction in the dax and cac were so much more extreme. i guess thin markets and a woosh.

    can anyone report if their broker (other than IB) went down? also, what do you show as the low print in the DAX? 6915 is what IB is showing now, but it was showing the ASK below 6850 for about a minute, but trades did not go off even though my log file shows my limit orders were acknowledged by the exchange...
  3. 6915 that ish was scary and i was stepping in to sell it 1 sec before the crash :mad:
  4. Full tilt, 6915 is my low, and Im missing a minute or so of data as well. (not through IB)
  5. dax should trade to 7020 by eod
  6. spectre


    I thought some terror had happened again.

    The PBOC announced on boxing day (Asia time) that it was raising rates (not full spectrum). Asian markets behaved ok in the morning.
    So I don't know. Bund was already selling off beforehand.
  7. just talked to the trading mgr with IB in Europe.

    amazingly, he had NO IDEA what i was talking about- he hadn't heard. incredible given the 170 point drop and 5 minute outage.

    he put me on hold and called EUREX, came back and told me that the exchange interrupted trading for 5 minutes and that the bid/ask below 6850 that i was seeing was akin to premarket quotes with no trades going off.

    some posts here say their trading was only interrupted for a minute- are you sure it wasn't 5? maybe i should call the eurex myself, but it seems like his info is correct and explains why my orders were acknowledged by EUREX but didn't get executed.

    not knowing the reason for the drop, seeing currencies unchanged, my fucking short in copper virtually unchanged, and the ES bouncing hard, i blew out at 6965. a nice gain, but it really looked like a nice night when the ask was below 6850!
  8. Actually, missing 3 minutes of data myself.
    So no specific reason for the drop then? It just happened....
  9. i mentioned it a few posts up- China raised rates
  10. ok, do you have a link to this story somewhere?

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