What happen to moc's today 2/21/08

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by rookiemd, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Can anyone explain what happen to moc's today? Almost every single sell went ugly on the last print. Some were near 1pt away. Thanks.
  2. A firm sends in a MOC to the floor. For lets say 500k shares of UNP. The Firm starts buying stock. Huge sell imbalance is shown from the floor at 3:40. Firm continues to buy stock and has 200k shares. Firm sends multiple buy MOC orders to the specialist, for 750k. MOC sell is now a MOC buy, but this info isnt transmitted. The firm places sell orders at 3:59.50 - 3:59.59 above the last price. Stock closes 1 point higher then the print before the close and firm makes 200k+.
  3. Thanks. Seems like it must be one firm that did it on multiple stocks that day. UNP did it again on friday.