What Happen to Maverick74 (moderator)

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    He was more than just a moderator...he author the infamous ACD Method thread which is the largest thread here at ET involving technical analysis.

    Maverick74 last posted on August 15th 2018 but last seen at the forum on September 5th 2018.

    Also, wasn't he a moderator too ?

    Did he stop posting because of a serious illness, posting at another forum, did he have a falling out with Baron or some other type of personal reason ?

    The reason why I posted this thread here in feedback is because I thought he was a moderator (?) but when I check the current listing of moderators...he's not listed or was removed. Thus, if he was just any other member, I would have posted this question in the "Chit Chat" section.

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    He wasn't a moderator. I don't know why he stopped posting and there's been no falling out whatsoever. I actually talked to him in person last year in Palm Beach and he seemed to be doing well at that point in time.
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    I just assumed that he started trading OPM professionally and could no longer post due to regulatory restrictions. He is missed.
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    Private info about another situation.

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    You can post but you can not talk about specific trades is what I understood.

    Regardless, even if that was the case...it still doesn't prevent him from chatting at the forum involving other things (e.g. politics, religion, chit chat, life in general) unless he's at an institution (new job) that has a specific policy against using forums, twitter, stocktwits and such.

    Simply, usually someone that takes a OPM position and have a strong following at a forum...they don't just disappear. They just say goodbye and they've taken another job that requires he/her to no longer post at forums.

    My bet is that its because of a serious illness and hopefully nothing worst than that especially if there's nobody else here that personally knows him. Thus, nobody can speak for him to get the word out while he's ill or worst.

    We've had a few active members here at ET in the past that died...nobody knew anything until years later via someone else at another online location that personally knew the person. Unfortunately, some people (those not in the know) assumed in error the person had blown up his/her trading account...those not in the know then announcing it in public...blown trade account.

    We've had other active members suddenly disappear after a nasty debate with others in a period when they had some serious personal issues not related to trading. They just call it quits here and go elsewhere via another user name because they don't want to deal with the negativity.

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    Tsing Tao

    The "negativity" isn't an EliteTrader phenomena. It is an internet phenomena.
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    I just checked his FB page and he's not dead! In fact, he looks to be in good spirits. :)

    It's really not any of our business why he stopped posting. On reflection, I should not have speculated on that myself. He's smarter than any money manager I've ever listened to, so I guessed he might have taken that path.

    In any case, I hope he returns whenever he decides he wants to. While the ACD thread is epic, there will never be a match for the "Options Wars" threads that dominated the previous years. I still go back and read many of those timeless posts from Mav and other prominent members, several of whom are still active on ET today.
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    Agree but some locations on the internet have an opportunity to police it (moderator) but choose not to for fear of losing view clicks (page views) which in turn could produce less sponsors.

    Thus, quantity has more value than quality. Yet, I always suspected the ACD Method had a connection with the moderators because it was a TA thread that was the longest running (still is) with the least number of bashing than any other TA thread containing chart examples with explanations.

    That may be why I thought in error that he was a moderator.

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