What happen on 9/11....2007

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  1. What happened on 9/11/07 in zimbabwe? Whey did the currency go from 253 to the dollar to 30458 to the dollar in one day?
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    well how this happens is rather simple yet interesting

    when there is insolvency going on with a country, or brutal change of government or planned war from others etc

    what happens is that word of mouth spreads by bankers that this country is no good

    suddenly like domino effect over night, NO ONE WANTS TO do business or even hear any excuses from the said country

    and boom, overnight currency worthless

    this is a very simple way to put it, but it does actually happen involving such a simple thing like phone conversations between bankers
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    that pic is great

    shows just how our society works

    based on peace love and respect :p