WHAT happen at IB ??????

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  1. WHAT happen at IB ??????

    27.85 ...
  2. Earnings release
  3. Press Release Source: Interactive Brokers Group, Inc.

    Interactive Brokers Group Announces Strong Second Quarter Results
    Thursday July 24, 4:01 pm ET
  4. IBKR reported quarterly net income of 66 cents/share versus 31 last year and 50 expected. So the $4/share drop after the close makes perfect sense. :)
  5. Earnings were up 57% from 2007 1st quarter, but analysts were looking for 49 to 50 cents in earnings and IBKR reported 44 cents. 1st quarter earnings had been a blowout on the upside.
  6. Lucrum


    Good, maybe now they can afford to hire a real programmer.
  7. Strong reasoning for keeping a company private.

    You do really well, and lose value.
  8. 66 cents was 1st quarter number, 2nd quarter number is 44 cents.
  9. You're right. I just went to the last earnings report I found on a website, which was also the last news item, and didn't notice how out of date it was.
  10. Down cause they play classical music on the pre call.

    scares away the imbeciles.
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