What graphic card do i need please?

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  1. Hi

    I would like to run 2 monitors from my desktop.

    Here is my spec .

    What graphics card do i need to buy please? I am not a gamer its just for trading.

    # Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 524 with HT Technology1
    (1MB L2 cache, 3.06GHz, 533MHz FSB)
    # Genuine Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
    # Genuine Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
    # ATI Radeon® Xpress 200 chipset
    # 1024MB DDR2 (2 x 512MB), 533MHz, dual-channel
    Expandable to 2GB RAM
    # 200GB (7200 rpm, 2MB cache)2 HDD
    # DVD±RW, 16x multiformat dual-layer (up to 8.5GB with dual-layer media)
    Write max: 16x DVD±R, 6x DVD-RW, 8x DVD+RW, 4x DVD+R, 40x CD-R, 24x CD-RW
    Read max: 16x DVD-ROM, 40x CD-ROM disks
    # 8-in-1 digital media manager (Secure Digital™, Smart Media, Micro Drive, Memory Stick®, Memory Stick PRO®, Compact Flash®, MultimediaCard™, USB 2.0)
    # NVIDIA GeForce® 6200 discrete PCI-Express graphics
    Supporting 256MB TurboCache™ memory (including 64MB on board)
    # TV tuner with media center remote control
    # 6-channel (5.1) AC'97
    # 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 port)
    # 56K ITU V.92 ready fax/modem (RJ-11 port)
    # Premium multimedia keyboard, 2-button wheel mouse, amplified stereo speakers (USB powered)
    # 5 USB 2.0 ports (1 in media reader, 4 in rear), VGA external connector, parallel port, 2 PS/2 (keyboard and mouse), 5 audio ports (2 in front, 3 in rear)
    # 362mm (H) x 184mm (W) x 406mm (D)
    # 10.2 kg (PC only)
    # Pre-Installed Software: Windows Media Player 10,

    Many thanks
  2. dewton


    NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290
  3. Or an NVS 285... more readily available and less expensive.
  4. Dewton/ gnome

    thanks very much for the speedy reply.

    I assume it doesnt matter whether its a 64 or 128 ?

    In other words if i can get a 64 it will be ok?
  5. Yes. 64MB is plenty for trading.
  6. Yes. It has only 1 connector on the card but uses a DMS59 cable which is a "Y" with 2 ports... not the same as a "splitter" however.

    That's a lot for that card. Can't you get one on eBay? Used would be OK.. they're very reliable.

    This link always has them for $30, including shipping. Maybe for $40, they'll send one to the UK??

  7. Great tip , just seen a few on ebay.

    I owe you one.

    Many thanks
  8. A pint of Fat Tire would be nice.. :D
  9. Gnome, you are THE BEST!!!
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