What good software that I could draw chart on a web site

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by 8waverider, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Care for a software to draw a technical analysis instruction ( chart ) to be displayed in a web site. Many thanks

  2. colion


    Take your pick of any number of charting programs (e.g., Metastock, Ensign, etc.) and then get a screen capture program (many good ones like MWSnap are free) that will permit you to upload to a website.
  3. What I am looking for is to give an example throw drawing a pattern or idea in graphs meatstock and other will give you a real data chart. What I want is to use software that I could explain my TA idea in graphs like adobe but some thing easy and specialized for TA. Many thanks for your reply

  4. You really dont need "specialized" software.

    MWSnap is mentioned above and is Ok. HyperSnap is not free but is excellent.