What good is the DOM?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by macattack, Sep 9, 2013.

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  2. yiehom


    Read the whole thread. I know of a system that preaches just the contrary of that acv system, that is to trade with the biggest side. Now, I think going one side or another is egal, depending on the timing

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  3. RedDuke


    That's exactly why I started that thread. More often than not, the price gravitates to size.
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  4. yiehom


    When playing large numbers, I have breakouts on mind. They happen at the same zones, obvious supports and resistances. Since I know great majority of them fail, I presume that more often that not the large number will stop the prevailing trend and reverse. The advantage with the dom is that you can watch it play in real time and the guess part of the job is lessened: you see when say the bears step in and don't have to wait for a pin bar to close or the rsi to cross below 70, which can be dozens of ticks too late and you should already be trailing your stop to BE.
    Main problem is the speed of action at those zones, you don't get the leisure to hesitate, or you will miss the trade. But you also very often have a second chance to enter.

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  5. RedDuke


    Exactly why I coded and display DOM pattern visually on a chart. Automating it is another game all together.
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  6. Paddler


    Thanks for the earlier reply, Jack.

    Last question. How can one monitor and compare the velocity of the T&S and the velocity of the adds and pulls? It doesn't seem possible.

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  7. yiehom


    Agree with the impossible automation part. I guess that is why we are here.
    What did you code that doesn't show on a dom?

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  8. Either manipulation or legitimate orders. But they're targeted because they have to be. Meals for the hungry.
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