What good is money

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  1. you can make a difference now. being fabulously wealthy is not a prerequisite to helping those less fortunate
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  2. nitro


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  3. great!

    now, what car must you have BUT can afford NOW?
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    5 of 41 in torch red. The one with the kid standing in front of it. The first thing I would do is lower it, especially the rear.

    If only Ford gave this car a world class IRS, something like what is standard on Corvettes.
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  5. It gives your otherwise meaningless existance some measure of accomplishment while you suffer in quiet desperation knowing that however much you have of the green stuff...everyone dies! Have a nice weekend!:eek: :p
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  6. To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.
    Henry David Thoreau
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  7. Just curious: Do you drive a Ferrari?
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  8. can't afford a Ferrari so i drive a lambo. yes, i know, i'm a cliche :(
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  9. why do you want it, nitro?
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  10. Speaking of lambo, check out the lambo doors on this 300.


    Kind of makes you wonder what they were smoking.
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