What game is Blackrock playing?

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    What game is Blackrock, the largest firm in the world, playing?

    International Profits. The game with one rule.

    Larry Fink is chairman and CEO of BlackRock, the multinational investment management corporation which has more than $6 trillion of assets under their management making them the largest firm in the world.


    Larry Fink helped create and develop the mortgage backed security marked in the U.S. and added up to $1 billion to the company's bottom line.
    Larry Fink co-founded BlackRock in 1988 under The Blackstone Group before it split in 1994.

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    Actually, they had ceded control to China. China has island bases and operating in each country's EEZ despite protests and a Hague ruling.

    Anybody who thinks there can't be a war could be in for a shock.
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  3. Blackrock is talking about long term investment decisions. Cathy Wood is tactically adjusting her portfolio through a volatile period. Both can be right.
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  4. %%
    Partial pattern, ok so far so good. BUT that pineapple place NEVER was dumb or prideful enough to say ''even God could not sink that ship ''[named after false god of titans]
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    Maybe she is fearful of a margin call.
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    Yeah right, first prize to you for dumbest post.
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    Americans Turn Against China Stocks as Crackdown Angst Deepens
    By Sofia Horta e Costa 18 August 2021 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/arti...st-over-chinese-tech-stocks?srnd=premium-asia
    • Investors such as Soros are cutting their Chinese holdings
    • Marshall Wace says the nation’s ADRs are uninvestable
    For American investors, Chinese stocks are becoming the asset not to own.

    Influential investors like George Soros have trimmed their China exposure, and Cathie Wood’s ARKK ETF no longer holds any such shares. Many others got hit with losses, according to their 13F filings. Betting against the country’s stocks was one of the most crowded trades among managers surveyed by Bank of America Corp. In London, Marshall Wace -- one of the world’s largest hedge funds -- says Chinese ADRs are now uninvestable.

    This is a huge turnaround from earlier in 2021, when global investors pumped more money into the country’s domestic equities than any time in history and the MSCI China Index rallied to a 27-year high. Now global fund managers are grappling with trillion-dollar losses as China’s government targets industries that threaten its goal for “common prosperity.” Selling continued this week even as the MSCI China Index trades at the lowest level since 2005 versus the S&P 500.

    Regulatory pressure in both China and the U.S. is intensifying. Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Gary Gensler on Monday warned about the risks of investing in Chinese companies and asked SEC staff to take “a pause for now” in approving IPOs of shell companies that Chinese firms use to list. The Nasdaq Golden Dragon China Index -- which tracks 98 of China’s biggest firms listed in the U.S. -- fell for a sixth straight day on Tuesday after Beijing issued a new set of rules aimed at preventing unfair online competition.


    Paul Marshall, co-founder of $59 billion investment firm Marshall Wace, said China’s crackdown on its technology and education sectors has repelled investors, even if authorities have sought to limit the damage. It’s now more likely that the country’s listings will be largely confined to the mainland, the billionaire predicted in a letter to clients last week.

    The MSCI China Index has dropped almost 30% since its peak in February, dragged down by declines in the education sector that top 90% for firms like Tal Education Group and Gaotu Techedu Inc. Tencent Holdings Ltd. -- China’s biggest listed company -- is near a one-year low. By contrast, the S&P 500 is up 13% in the period, while the MSCI All-Country World Index has gained 6.9%. And while Wall Street strategists keep downgrading their China recommendations, analysts haven’t been this upbeat on S&P 500 companies in two decades.

    Betting against Chinese shares is increasingly popular. According to Bank of America’s latest survey of fund managers, about 11% of investors surveyed viewed “Short China Stock” as the most-crowded trade, trailing only “Long U.S. Tech Stocks” and “Long ESG.” It got more votes than “Long U.S. Treasuries.” About 16% of those surveyed said “China policy” is the biggest risk now, up from almost zero in July. It ranked just behind inflation, a taper tantrum, Covid-19 and an asset bubble.

    The rout in Chinese shares means the nation’s companies are disappearing from the rankings of the world’s biggest by market capitalization. Tencent is the only Chinese firm still among the 10 largest publicly-listed companies, at no. 10, and is close to being overtaken by Visa Inc.

    Some investors are seeing value. Aberdeen Standard Investments bought the dip in Tencent and kept most of its other big-tech holdings in China largely unchanged during the recent selloff, according to Hugh Young, the chairman of its Asian unit.

    “I don’t think anything strategic has changed” in China and regulations will benefit the responsible players, said Young.

    Staying the course is proving a tough test as losses mount. While a gauge of mostly Chinese tech shares in Hong Kong rose 0.9% on Wednesday morning, that came after a five-day, 9% decline. The index is down 25% this year.

    — With assistance by Ye Xie
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    China Dip Buyers Finally Reach ‘Breaking Point’ After 56% Loss
    By Katherine Greifeld 18 August 2021 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/arti...rs-finally-reach-breaking-point-after-56-loss
    • Investors pull cash from KWEB after five weeks of inflows
    • Traders likely thought rebound would have happened by now: BI
    After several crushing months, dip-buyers are finally starting to abandon Chinese tech stocks.

    The $4.9 billion KraneShares CSI China Internet Fund (ticker KWEB) has posted two straight days of outflows, putting the exchange-traded fund on track to break its five-week streak of inflows, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That’s as losses approach 60% from its mid-February high, with China’s wide-ranging regulatory crackdown battering fund mainstays from Tencent Holdings Ltd. to Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

    KWEB emerged as a popular fund to park bottom-calling bets, attracting record single-day inflows in July amid the worst of the Chinese tech rout. However, with uncertainty over Beijing’s next move continuing to bruise the nation’s equities, it appears that dip buyers are starting to lose their mettle, according to Bloomberg Intelligence’s Eric Balchunas. Combined with once-bullish money managers such as Ark Investment Management’s Cathie Wood offloading exposure to the country, ETF investors appear to be following suit.

    “Some investors have likely reached their breaking point. I think many thought the turnaround would have happened by now and it didn’t,” Balchunas said. “It’s impressive they hung in there as long as the did, to be honest. But China is not the U.S.”
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    Why are people buying Chinese companies... to try to make a fast buck? China doesn't produce anything valuable, except dirt-cheep exports. All they do is steal from everyone else.

    People should put their money into North American companies. Like, duh?
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    People just don't grasp a common sense fact, those who aren't transparent probably have something to hide.
    There are always some who just want to pour their money into a bottomless pit.
    Personally, I thought Blackrock had more intelligence, maybe their problem is they have too much money and can now be stupid with it.
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