What Futures to trade Overnight @EST? EUR 6E, AUD 6A, Euro Bund, Bobl, Schatz?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by vita, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. vita


    What are most active and liquid Futures to trade overnight living in EST? I've shortlisted the following candidates. Didn't consider DAX due to its high margin requirement. Any feedback or addition is appreciated.
    - EUR 6E or AUD 6A
    - EURO Schatz/Bobl/Bund
    Main criteria are low margin, liquidity, and trend. I looked at ES but its moves are not consistent.
  2. What about your familiarity with the fundamentals of the market? Is that a criterion? What do you know about interest rates, bonds and economics?
  3. lwlee


    DAX is nice and is correlated with the US markets. Moves like the Russell.

    Look at the Nikkei. It moves slow as sh*t but it's very liquid.
  4. vita


    I'm familiar with the US market and macros. I stay neutral through econ releases. My trades are short lived (done in minutes). For overnight, I was planning to use Forex calendar to watch out for overseas' econ releases and stay neutral across them. So essentially, any liquid Futures market can be traded. In RTH, I'd trade ZB, ZF, ES, NQ, YM.
  5. MHI (Mini Hang Seng, Hong Kong).
    Not sure I'm in the right time frame though.
  6. Well, then bund will do fine for you, in terms of liquidity and "trend", although I am not entirely sure how you define the latter term.
  7. vita


    Thanks Martinghoul. I may have misused the term "trend" here but what it refers to is short term moves/swings beyond choppiness, e.g. different from what we see in midday moves of ES these days. For ZB this short term moves are of the order 7/32 and higher. I'd consider Euro 6E a good candidate to trade, there are several moves of 20pips through out the night (starting 1AM EST).

    Are you trading Bund? If so, what is the best econ calendar for it. In the calendar below, I don't see any Auction Dates and Announcement for them similar to US Treasury data. I could use some education leads.
  8. Which part of overnight to with to trade? During Asian hours...about 4pm to 12 midnight EST you can trade TOCOM gold which has a nice market. I just started trading this myself recently. It's spreadable vs. the old cbot (now liffe) gold contract. I also play around at SGX and SFE during that time frame. CME is going to add Kospi (Korea) futures soon and they move like mad cobra with big volatility.

    After midnight and into the US open, I trade europe and trade bund, bobl, shatz and some fdax. All very tradeable liquid markets. it all depends on your personal schedule. The europe close through US open is a nice shift. say 4:30 am - 9:30 am.
  9. vita


    I thought US customers can only trade SHI, but this had changed recently. Thanks for the tip.
  10. vita


    Thanks, I was thinking of the hours between 1AM-11AM, given the recent choppiness in the afternoon hours of the US market. What's the best among Bund, Bobl, and Shatz?
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