What? Futures spiking. News?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by lwlee, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. lwlee


    I don't see any news but futures are spiking.
  2. ocean5


    i see unusual volume,fook news!
  3. lwlee


    what the heck is "fook news"?
  4. soybeans spike to the downside. huh...
  5. Spiking? Sept ES is up .32%...only 4.25 points?
  6. lwlee


    It's unusual compared to the today's daily range. ES range was about 9 points during the regular session. This afterhour spike is about 7 points.

    In addition, range expansion afterhours doesn't usually occur until Europe starts trading. I guess we are gonna see more action later.

  7. Shanb


    Thats not an unusual spike lol. You must be short I cant think of any other reason for tripping over that
  8. lwlee


    I keep records of daily ranges for ES, TF, YM, NQ. Both afterhour and regular session. This movement is atypical but probably moreso the fact that the regular session was such a small range versus this bigger AH move.

    Yes, I was short and had to exit earlier than I would have liked.

    Who's tripping? I just posted an inquiry if there was a reason for the movement. I couldn't see any. I will postulate that this move suggests this recent bull run will continue higher.

  9. The overnight action just means nothing. Go have a beer and watch a baseball game. Overnight has very little to do with anything.
  10. lwlee


    Think you are wrong there.

    It's a global economy now. Asian markets cause this recent spike action. European markets could push it higher later tonight. The overnight range can be pretty volatile. Especially the european session can move the US markets as much as the day session.

    I don't typically hold overnight and I paid for it today.

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