What futures platforms/brokers offer tick by tick,unfiltered data feed ?

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  1. I know TT does , so does Ninja/Zenfire

    What about J-trader ?

    Transactfutures ?

    Openecry ?
  2. futurepathtrading - they have their own proprietary platform.

  3. GTS


  4. Aren't they an extension of Photon? They charge 150/mo for their pro platform.

  5. I believe TradeStation does as well, although then you'd have to put up with their platform's... um... amazing relability/stability.
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    no retail broker does. period. if you need unfiltered data you need access to special exchange gateways that only a few clearing members have the demand to justify the cost of distribution of this data.

    if a broker was to broadcast every tick (price/volume change), your eye wouldnt see it as the human eye can only recognise something like 6 changes a second max. so does it matter?

    however, as for your question, everyone will throttle prices unless you are co-located. pats (j-trader) have the most reliable price feed over the internet/distance assuming the provider invests in infrastructure.
  7. How are the black boxes gonna steal your money if you get the same data they do?
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    "TradeStation... platform's... um... amazing relability/stability."

  9. A few of my associates have recently closed their accounts with Tradestation. They're a joke for daytrading futures. Too many problems to list.
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    I think out of your 5 posts so far, about 3 of them are bashing TS, that is not too 'professional' is it?
    Most traders will not rely on one datafeed/one broker. Get alternative feeds such as Zenfire, OECry, Infinity, Esignal etc if you are trading futures. Here is a good list mainly for stocks: http://www.quotetracker.com/qsources.shtml
    Find one that "sucks" the least.
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