What futures have decent volume 7 pm to 6 am EST?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by trader3, Apr 24, 2006.

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    Just wondering which futures are tradable and have decent volume 7 pm to 6 am EST?
  2. Euro, Yen, Dax, Nikkei 225 on Singapore. It just depends on the given day and the time at which you refer to. That's a pretty wide time frame you are referring to. That's a good starting point though.
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    Where is the best place to get historical intraday data on these markets to take a look at how tradable they seem?
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    Is there any way to trade Nikkei (Singapore) from US?
  5. Try futuresource.com and you can trade Nikkei 225-singapore through IB I believe.
  6. yep, IB has it. free data as well.
  7. The best is the Euro FX & the DAX between 3 am & 6 am EST.
  8. gold and silver have recently been decent volume
    but the spreads have been a bit extreme at times

    so you would have to consider slippage
    from these spreads against the overnight range
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  10. DAX liquidity really isnt great. If you want liquidity then the bund (gbl) and estx50 (like the dji for europe) have much better liquidity than the dax or even the eurofx during the european morning.

    And the SGXNK (singapore n225) has much better liquidity during the asian period. HSI is also fun during that period (my poison of choice).
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