What futures brokers already have a platform running on Android ?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Peternam, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Do the big brokers like Interactive plan to offer this ?
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  4. Ninjaterminal for ninjatrader. Broker independent
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    I have MBTrading and IB clients running on my Droid
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    Android TWS is compatible with any android smartphone version 1.6 and higher. It should run smoothly on the Galaxy S 2.
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    I just posted on another mobile questions thread it might help you too.

    Lind-Waldock allows you to place a trade through their web site's mobile version: http://www.lind-waldock.com/platforms/lindwireless.shtml

    Cannon Trading offers iRunner which looks really cool from the screen shots they have: http://www.cannontrading.com/futures-trading/mobile/platforms.php

    NinjaTrader has a mobile app. It says something about Androids on the screen shots: http://www.ninjaterminal.com/

    Hope that helps you out buddy.

  8. Thanks. man !

    Anymore info ?
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    I run the mobileTWS on my Samsung Droid Charge and it is pretty smooth. Once you set it up the mobileTWS is very fast -- at least on my Droid Charge.

    The only thing I wish IB would do is make the charts with candlesticks in stead of just lines. They even have their Booktrader with a mini-DOM.

    It is pretty good overall. I think IB should make a more full fledged app for Android Tablets since some of the tablets are so powerful like the Motorola Xoom.
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