What Forex DataFeed To Use?

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  1. ET70424


    Q: What Forex DataFeed To Use/Subscribe?

    Hi, All:

    For those who are writing their own forex charting systems,
    what would be a good real-time datafeed to use/purchase?

    Minimum requirement is 1 price quote per minute. The more
    frequent the better.

  2. Barchart is a good one. They have real time tick-by-tick plus historic data (intraday and end of day). www.modulusfe.com/api/

    The price is around $50/mo but that also comes with real time equities. You can also add futures and futures options.

    Of course there are many other providers such as eSignal, IQFeed, etc.
  3. byteme


    I second Barchart.com for your proprietary Forex charting software needs:

    - Forex data is from MorningStar who get BBO from around 30 banks/dealers.

    - API is easy to implement.

    - Works on all platforms (as long as you can create a socket)

    - Responsive sales people.


    What platforms do you need to support? Many e.g. IQFeed require Windows DLL to run for example.