What firm is WTS ?

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  1. I see this abbreviation mentioned a lot, what is their website ?

    Reliable firm ?
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    WTS Proprietary Trading Group LLC

  3. Just search the forums, alot has been said about them, the negative stuff got pulled from the website as the owners of WTS threaten with legal action.
  4. WTS is the best firm in the world

  5. Why ?

    How long have they been in business ?
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    Post a logical argument of why you don't like WTS and then we can talk Swift.. Why do you pop up in every WTS thread?
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    It was mostly his spewing that got pulled.

    Do a search of the forums to see the relationship between this guy and WTS and decide for yourself.
  8. No point, it will get pulled anyways. Best reason is the owner of WTS aka Simon Liberati stole about 250k, USD from his traders while he was at swifttrade. Didn't pay them, his bank accounts are offshore so they could not do anything. Need more reason? I personally know all the parties involved. Any more questions? Thats just the tip of the iceberg, there has been reports of him hiring programmers to watch risk manager and steal strategies, to front running his traders orders, this has been posted by other users, not me. I only know about the cash payout, and couple other things. Besides Spectra they get the most negativity on here. (Besides Bright of course but he gets it for other reasons, sorry to put Bright and Liberati in same posts, Bright does not deserve this).
  9. Had a friend that traded there. Took numerous requests to get a check sent out at the end of the month. Also, would call during market hours with trade questions and couldn't get a hold of anyone.
  10. Mike,

    What is Spectra?

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