What firm has small unit sizes?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by og5, Oct 11, 2007.

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    I want to start really small before I trade serious money. My equities broker (MB) only has 10k unit sizes? Is there anyone smaller than that?

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    There's a fun, comprehensive table. Ava Financial Ltd: variable spread 0 to 0, no commish. That business model sounds about right. Couldn't possibly be Profinum (RIP), rising from the ashes? Actually, both Profinum and Ava FX were / are based in the hotbed of high finance that is Road Town, Tortola, BVI... pure coincidence, I'm sure.

    And if perchance 0 spreads don't make your broker choice a no-brainer, wait till you see their USP:

    "Ava FX provides a new breed of service to the retail online trader. Unlike most FX companies, which were founded by bankers, Ava's founders come from the marketing side of the online retail FX world."

    Where do I sign up?


    og5, you'd be smart to heed cstfx's advice above.
  5. I use EFX which is a IB for MB Trading and I can trade as low as .01 lots.

    I would think you could do the same...?
  6. With MB trading you can trade any size you like. Even 100 lots. Get there demo and in the order box just type: .01 for 100 lots, .1 for 1000 lots, and 1 for 10k lots.
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