What Firm Do You Trade With ?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by pineman, May 16, 2006.

  1. pineman


    I am with Gain Capital, it is so so ,....the charting program is poor. The spreads are not the best.

    Also is there such a thing as ECNs for Forex ?
  2. igor123



    That was for ECNs, regarding brokers the best spreads for trading in normal volatility is with Oanda, and if you trade news releases than Currenex with Capitalforex or IB.
  3. FXPimp


    One world... lots of options
  4. pineman


    Any update on any new ECNs for FOREX ?
  5. klinkz


    someone care for an opinion on www.interbankfx.com.

    I know the spread is not super 2pips (euro/usd). However the platform is something no ?

    any comment :confused:
  6. FutTrd


    hey igor are you by any chance

    EX-yugoslavian, if you are its nice to see
    some of those guys trading the market

    those guys are so rare, like white crows

    which by the way exist, we got one here in BC belive it or not