What factor makes the most difference

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sbn, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. sbn


    In a perfect situation, where all information is available what information on a stock, what would be the most helpful in determining whether to invest or not?

    I.e. If you could ask one question about a stock and it could be answered?



    Quarterly report

    who's buying and when etc.

    Specialist prints.

    Basically, what factor do you think makes the most difference in determining the increase and decrease in company's share price.
  2. rosy


    knowing the flow is probably the most important. if GS comes in and buys the offer over and over willing to give up edge then I would join them.
  3. None of the above,
    This is what drives price: Big investment house decide to make money in certain issue, news are distributed, analyst issues report, big investment house will provide initial move, talking heads go on tv, small investors jump in, big investment house gets out.
  4. The efficacy of the ACD system to your particularly stock and your ability to discern when to buy breakouts. IMHO.
  5. follow the smart money ie commercials or IB