what f*ck just happened

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dawg, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. dawg


    anyone trading YM it was down 600 points? are these trades gonna stick?

    my transaction were 9075 short and a 8474 cover! are these gonna be busted?
  2. S&P's did the same. Real elevator shaft.
  3. It`s real...believe it. Glad I am just watching today. BTW..NICE TRADE!!!!!
  4. vega


    or could it be someone at one of the big houses hit the sell button instead of the buy ?? Seemed like it was going to be a quiet low volume day, but it's getting juicy now !!

  5. Same thing happened in ES apparently. The move looks real. The trades will not be cancelled is my guess. There is an early close today and with the bad jobs data maybe no one wants to be long over the long weekend.
  6. Kap


    Massive spike down ! .... dunno.... perhaps someone put a sell at market with a shit load of contracts by mistake, then again could be bad data, I got dow hittin 8990 & SnP 979
  7. Kap


    I tried to sell FTSE futures coz It didnt move with the spike... couldn't get filled.... looks like it hoovered up all the bids... somebodys in for a nice weekend!
  8. vega


    I think it could be someone enterring a buy as a sell with some huge size, and judging by the way everything snapped back they realized it and are trying to cover. I really hope that's all it is, otherwise someone's betting there's gonna be some REAL fireworks this weekend !

  9. lundy


    Several of the Greentree guys were short.... they made 10+ points on ES. No one was long.
  10. Looks like someone barfed up breakfast, LOL.

    18,000+ contracts traded in less than a minute.
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