what external backup solution for notebook?

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by mfhboy, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. mfhboy


    I want to mirror/clone my notebook internal system drive A to an external device which is also my primary data drive B. So I want to backup the whole external device with another device C. What kind of hardware and software I need?
  2. Adobian


    I use ACRONIS True Image
  3. mfhboy


    I heard RAID 1 and I'm trying to figure it out
  4. You might consider using an external 2 1/2 inch hard drive as a backup since there is no power supply needed when used through the USB port.
    Drive Image 7 will both copy or image the hard drive.
  5. mfhboy


    The backup device doesn't have to be portable and I perfer 3.5" harddisks.

    With some searching I now refine my question to what DUAL DRIVE RAID ENCLOSURES are good?
  6. As it's possible for one agent to compromise both mounted HDs, you should also consider at least one external backup at all times.
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  8. Don't think anyone has mentioned the simple solution of sharing a folder on your desktops hard drive and just copying the files through the LAN on to the desktop.

    Every week I have my laptop send files to a hard drive in my desk top and vice versa. That way if one crashes, I will always have a good copy of my accounting files.