What exactly is a Holy Grail, in terms of characteristics?

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  1. Say developing a trading holy grail is your goal.

    So what exactly is a holy grail for trading, in terms of its characteristics/ features?

    Many would say a holy grail doesn't mean it wins every trade for all trades.

    Then how do you define your holy grail? Thanks.
  2. romik


    profit factor @ or above 2
  3. Pf over 2. Win rate over 66.6%. >5 trades per day.
    Makes money 19 days out of 20.
    Scalable to deliver more money than I want.

    (and I've found it :))
  4. feel free to explain :D
  5. Vince1


    Most of all I think, a profitable system that does not need to be modified over time - a constant stream of $ with no sweat.
  6. risk/return >=1:4
    No more than 2 trades a day
    65/20/5/15 : win/breakeven/small loss/loss
    The balls to trade it, stick with it no matter what and constantly be upsizing (thinking of the infinite euro/usd)
    No distractions by looking at anything else - one instrument is the deal.

    In fx Be there early at european market open, stay until all time frames and ultra slow tick chart are in a pattern confluence (tradin hammers on the tick chart), put stop to breakeven when halfway to target. Hold on and enjoy the show as price comes and goes all day long into US open. If stop is taken out be ready to jump right back in if all is a go. Only reverse when you absolutely have to (rare). Call it a day when predecided target is hit (think of a number and stick with it day in and out - thinking too much on the run is not good). Immediately turn off computer when target is hit or when it is away a bit - towards days end. Compound.

    Dont be worried too much about Federal Open Market Crappola day but double your stop prior to a Not For Pussys day data release. All other news days are just to scare you away - infact don't even look at the data release calendar.

    Don't watch bloomberg/cnbc/cnn or anything else for that matter (except perhaps 29 minutes a day of u-tube).

    They use the words :
    loss/diminishing/expense/downtrend/falloff/depression/returns/deficit/indebtedness/liquidation/ruin/default too much for my liking.
  7. gnome


    There is no such thing as "A Holy Grail"... It's "THE Holy Grail"... by definition, there is only ONE.

    (And *I'VE GOT IT*... It's mine... all mine.... Hahahaha :D )
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    my... PREEEEECIOUS.... LOL !
  9. laputa


    Holly grail is a strategy that walks forward and continues to do so... ideally indefinitely...
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