What exactly does ignore do?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by easyrider, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. I am getting tired of opening a new thread to find that it is a completely pointless statement. There are a couple of posters now that are doing this constantly. I have never put anyone on ignore before and am wondering if I put someone on ignore will a thread that they initiate not show up on my screen so that I wont be wasting my time by opening them?
  2. No, you'll still see the thread (once it has at least one reply, I believe), but without any of the ignoree's posts. Yes, even without the opening post itself. The "ignore" function only hides individual posts, not threads.

    Also, feel free to experiment with "ignore" to your heart's content, since it's very easy to undo -- just edit your "ignore" list under Your Account tab.
  3. If you are referring to the AreYouKidding? threads, then I'm with you and I just added him to ignore. I'm starting to find that I waste a bit of time on this garbage. Hopefully, it won't send me notice when these guys start threads as well. Bummer if Late Apex is right about the thread starting not being ignored.
  4. Yeah?

    Well I'm adding ALL of you guys to Ignore.

  5. Yes. He is the primary one. Unfortunately it doesnt look theres any way around it. Not that its that big of a deal. I was just cranky this morning.:)
  6. So was I. :)
  7. yeah... me too... :)

    *dabbing my eyes with tissue* :)
  8. Skalpz, you crack me up sometimes. That's why I don't want you banned.