what ever happened to thomson i-watch?

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  1. It used to advertise institutional orders back in 2000. Just curious whatever happened to that site and ogher similar ones.
  2. I think they merged with Reuters and quashed all retail targeted products. But I'm not 109% certain.
  3. I recall them about 2003 maybe tilll about 2005, then forgot about them and went to look for them afterwards and they were gone. I have to agree with MSurfer, I think they merged with someone.
  4. It was a great tool
  5. Thanks for the responses guys! Yeah it was fun watching that activity on that when I first started out. I checked years ago and didn't see it again so I figured they killed it. Never got a confirmation though. I was just kinda curious how HLF would have looked with all this institutional action.
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    i-watch died long before the Reuters merge. The final nail was Thomson abandoning retail products in 2001, but really, the data behind i-watch was abandoned due to a combination of internal squabbles.

    The institutional data division felt that exposing the trends like that in any fashion risked the institutions and the markets from blocking said data. The fact that there were threats from some of the stodgier markets (e.g. not NASDAQ) led to a dilution of the product relatively quickly. Plus, once Thomson shut down the editorial/analyst component to the product in late 2000, the thing was pretty useless anyway.

    Still, it was a indirect contributor to changing rules around posting of transactions at the markets themselves in the mid 2000s.