What ever happened to these traders?

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  1. Steve Tvardek and SammySOESa? When I first joined ET, I remember seeing Steve's posts in the PNL thread and he was one of the most consistent traders here at the time.

    The other was SammySOESa, he had a pnl blog posted on his personal site and he was also pretty consistant. What made me remeber him was that he would consistantly have $600-$1000 but he was only trading 200-300 share lots at a time with a high win ratio.

    Any one know if these guys still trade? They both haven't posted on ET in a while but that's not really an indication of if they are still trading.
  2. What are/were the websites of these gentlemen ?
  3. I think steve tvar. tried trading futures and who knows, maybe it just didn't work out. I remember his listed stock trading became obsolete. I doubt he would be posting under a different alias. He probably couldn't make es trading work. Understandable.

    I also remember sammys journal, he was making money but wasn't doing anything special. Just scalping and some options plays i think. He may have blown up last year, he was trading mostly financials.
  4. Steve Tvardak got married, and presumably has a life (far away from this place, hopefully).

    SammySOESa, no idea?


    Google turned up this:

    Trade Finance in the Context of the Global Financial Crisis

    Date: 1 - 5 June, 2009

    Venue: World Bank Headquarters, 1818 H Street, N.W., Room MC C2-131, Washington, D.C. 20433, USA

    10:40 - 12:40

    Implications of the present Global Financial crisis on the Future of Trade Finance

    This session will summarize the impact of the ongoing global financial crisis and prospects on directions of trade finance based on a market study and analysis of trade finance practices in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao PDR, as well as on-site trade appraisals conducted for banks in each of these countries.


    Ricardo Coreces, World Bank Consultant
    John Ahearn, Managing Director, Citi Markets and Banking (tbc)
    Steve Tvardek, Director, Office of Trade Finance, Department of Treasury
  6. Tvardek wedding announcement


    "The bridegroom, 28, is a self-employed Standard & Poor’s futures trader in Hoboken, N.J. His mother is until Aug. 31 the representative to Ecuador for the Inter-American Development Bank. His father is the director for trade finance and investment negotiations for the Treasury Department and is chief United States negotiator of international trade finance agreements."

    The Treasury Director is probably his father.
  7. Yeah, thats old. Not sure how you can call yourself an s&p trader when he was on here about that time trying to learn the hershey methods.
  8. Those parents must be extremely disapointed in what happened to Steve o. Just goes to show
  9. You mean he has a more recent wedding announcement? :D

  10. lol, good one. :p
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