What Ever Happened to the Fiscal Cliff?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by oldtime, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. wasn't it mr. ben who said if we raise taxes and cut spending it will send US over a fiscal cliff?

    well, we have raised taxes

    and now they are talking about just going through with sequestration

    where are all the cries about going over the fiscal cliff?
  2. I thought it was funny when everything had the word "cliff" just added on to the ass end of the sentence.

    My favorite was " the milk cliff"

    I can still afford milk so apparently the "milk cliff" hasn't arrived yet either :)
  3. They raised taxes and everyone went whew, that wasn't so bad. Sad the ignorant fools they make of everyone...
  4. Silly wabbit, tricks are for politicians!

    Too busy misguiding the public so that they can pass some unpopular laws!
  5. Ed Breen

    Ed Breen

    The basic level of comprehension and attention of the general public as mirrored by the established media is at the 'comic book' level of reality....you need a 'crisis with a name' or no one will pay attention; it is on the level of war propaganda...we had 'Chemical Ali' as the villain last war, great comic book name. We have POTUS as the 'masiah' who will save the people, lead them to socialist equity, 'hero of the stupid!'...of course we need Fical Cliffs, Debt Crises and other identifiable calamities for our heros and villains to address so that we can stay awake. Its the only way you can get the multitude, mired in the tranqualized obviousness of flat earth sensibilities, to pay attention to the story. You need it for ratings.

    Dosen't anyone know that we have really been wandering in a fiscal desert for six years now, following our true leader, 'Helicopter Ben,' master of money illusion but otherwise following his own hallucinations (an uneasy tortured imperfect hero who is misunderstood, a misfit from a small Southern town, now living in a hostile Norhern world, having long forgot the simple but real comfort of shrimp and grits), but there are no real cliffs...this is the bottom, with bumps and ditches. We are just too stupid and dehydrated to climb out; we have fallen down and we can't get up.
  6. lindq


    All of D.C. is hoping, praying that an economic recovery will pull us back from the brink and help to start paying off debt. Because tax receipts will rise substantially. But if we slow again, look out below.
  7. You aint lying, Lord help us all, if the market ever starts demanding more than 2% on a ten year note.