What ever happened to the daily P/L Thread?

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    What ever happened to the thread where everybody would post their daily p&l? The last one I see was in 2009
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    Thanks, I did a search but didn't find it
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    Too much L and not enough P.
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  5. That's because no one is basically, generally, profitable.
    And if someone does come out of the woodwork actually showing profit...they are immediately labeled a scammer of some variety.
    But it's good though to be skeptical...specially considering less than 1% of traders can call themselves profitable, or fruitfully profitable.
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    agree with you mister.

    There is only one group who post P&P profit and profit (instead of P&L profit and loss) and that is financial coaches / investment coaches.
    And we can see their fantastic postings from internet.
  7. HFTheft happened
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    I'm not quite sure what you mean by the (italicized) "generally"; but if you mean that nobody's consistently profitable, or steadily profitable overall, I think it's an exaggeration - probably even just among "retail" traders.

    I hear you there, and can kind of understand that perspective, given the general atmosphere of trading forums combined with the somewhat questionable value of a multi-participant thread in which people simply list daily profits/losses without discussing their trades at all.

    Personally, I think "Journals" are far more interesting and potentially valuable, both for their compilers and for other members.
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  9. I have not found one good reason to post a Daily P/L here, often the responses are that the Profits are bullshit and the losses are true because no one can make money trading. As if you have to have a 100% win rate to be profitable.

    Then you have the ignorant people who demand you tell them your method point by point for free because they are too lazy to put in any work and when you correctly deny such a request, you are just full of shit. Imagine putting hours of screen time over years and some troll demands you tell them how you trade because they are too lazy or doubtful to believe it can be done and want it now.

    Posting the P/L does not make it more true and most who do post just feel the need to be patted on the back. I believe the narcissistic drive to seek attention or validation rarely come from good traders where making money over time is enough of a validation in private.

    The community here is not conducive to posting P&Ls, something I learned after posting a long and profitable journal. The minute you decide to stop you get "Oh he blew up...it was BS....see I told you he couldn't trad... etc..."

    Trading is a single person enterprise, why the constant need to get validation from strangers who add nothing to your bottom line but distract you enough to make you actually lose money.
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    This is, unfortunately, among the reasons why some members otherwise participating here choose to post their trading Journals elsewhere; although it's easily remediable, the issue's been visited recently and apparently it isn't changing. :(
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