What ever happened to Stan Weinstein?

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  1. p5global


    What ever happened to Stan Weinstein?

    Does anybody have much information on him?
    How successful was he?

    I read his book (Secrets) and think it is a classic. I tried to do some googling to find more info on him and there was not much out there.

    Any news or information on him would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. I think he went to work for Madoff on the Ponzi Desk
  3. 1) Google.com

    2) Enter "Stan Weinstein"

    3) Well, it is obvious that he/his methods are still being marketed...
  4. hughb


    He stopped publishing The Professional Tape Reader and started one that is for institutions only. He still appears as a guest on Nightly Business Report from time to time.