What ever happened to ElectricSavant?

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  1. And his "Golden Arches" forex strategy? Is he now working under the golden arches?
  2. Its possible that he finally got tired of all the crap that goes on here....
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  4. Not him.
  5. Maybe he is driving his H2 and is on his way to Patagonia right now.
  6. I shorted contracts on him.. went to zero. :D
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    Wasn't it him who had some elaborate "never lose extraction pool" with some fancy footsteps around with "realized" vs "unrealized" P/L?

    He seemed like a nice enough dude... just convinced 6 ways to Sunday that he identified a NO RISK NEVER WRONG model money fountain.

    After a while it stopped being fun and I just couldn't take it anymore. I put him, the Mrs and quite possibly a third of his identities on ignore.

    I think Mr Brite offered him a place. Jez, that seemed like a terrific offer to me too. If he was smart, he'd have taken Mr Brite up on it - I don't think he did though. a shame actually.

    Peace and gtty,

  8. Ahhh...man I miss that guy. He was great. I was wondering what happened to him. Haven't spoke to him in a while. I think he went missing during my vacation, that was in the beginning of a summer. Surely, he is missed.
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