what ever happened to buylosellhi

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  1. whatever happened to buylosellhi i haven't seen him for a bout a month he was one of the best people here. i hope he is on holiday and nothing bad has happened. i don't think he has changed his user name because no one posts as much a he did. i feel the forum has lost something with him gone.
  2. He provided for some great links that's for sure and he had a great pen as well.

    Who cares if he was a perma bear or not. Why would anyone care about anyones view of the future anyway.

    But I believe to have read BLSH has found a job and no more time for coming to ET.

    Good for him.

    Although I hope he doesnt keeps his paycheck in USD!
  3. yeah me must have actually found the GS toilet cleaner role he always tried to associate other people with. Seriously, this guy has been behind the curve what concerns the market and had nothing but hatred for GS while displaying a complete disregard and lack of logic. They must have shown mercy after they kicked his ass out of the GS MO.

  4. He just felt bad about seeing the US being held hostage by some inbred bankers crowd and he voiced his discontent about that loudly.

    That's why the United States is the best country in the world!
  5. no you could not be more wrong. Why the US is great is because there are a very few who apply a lot of wisdom, experience and foresight backed up by facts and figures. BLSH is an ass clown who copies every bearish statement he could find in the media. None of his original posts where his own product. He had no experience nor knowledge of Asia and GS, the two topics he loved to debate the most. There is a huge difference between someone who backs up his statements with facts and someone who just loves to listen to himself and feels good about complaining and bitching about everyone and the world.

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    And unfortunately, the US is still being held hostage by those "too big to fail" banksters but I suppose we need to stand aside and let them continue to do "God's work."

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    I don't understand how you can speak so highly about a continent that has the highest poverty rate in the world.



  8. That puts the man in the top of the class in my book, notwithstandfing his market timing skills. Aren't you some sort of full-time GS apologist anyway?
  9. Well, more precisely, we are being held hostage by the political class.

    The bankers don't have the power to force you to pay for their bailouts. Only government has that power.

    And only government has the power to create such high barriers to entry (via regulation) that a handful of institutions can grow in size and political might to become "too big to fail".

    GS simply figured out long ago that rent seeking was the wave of the future. No longer will you need to compete for customers. Instead, you need to harness the power of the overly powerful government to survive and thrive - at the expense of everyone else.

    We are a fascist state. Goldman is simply smart enough to know how to thrive in such a state (ironic, no?).
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    Not to mention a region that makes the execution rate in Texas look downright conservative...
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