What ever happen to the rogue Chinese trader and that japanese broker that lost

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  1. What ever happened to that rogue chinese copper trader and japanese broker that mistakenly sold shares for shares for a few yen?
  2. See that sushi?
  3. The Japenese trader was sacked. From what I can gather the chinese trader is 'missing'. Draw your own conclusions there. :eek:
  4. lol seriously. The last I heard about that guy, he got the people's justice. I thought he was just beatened, tared, and then beatened again. The japanese broker sure got off light being sacked. LOL if I was him I wouldnt be turning on my car and not entering elevators alone.

  5. Depends who the rogue trader bought for. If he bought for himself, it would be his error, if he bought on orders then it won't be his problem.
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    really. if he bought it for someone else his life is in danger.

    Yasuo Hamanaka, the Japanese rogue trader. from a few years back. where is he.?
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    i suppose for the two of you it is the beginning of a friendship.
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    C'moooon... Admit it s funny! I am grateful for this little laugh as I am being heavily beaten by the market this morning :(
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    good luck the rest of the day.

    you have found your soul mate.
    it is a great day for you.

    this thread has potential if the subject is taken seriously.
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