What episode of Chat with Traders do you recommend ?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Sekiyo, Feb 11, 2020.

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  3. Sekiyo


    Lmao Seaweed.

    Thanks it’s really kind from you.
    But seriously it’s too early to say it’s meaningful.

    I can blow my account up tomorrow.
    It’s not even real $ currently it’s combine #1.
    Let’s talk about it in 251 days.

    But thanks I appreciate.

    “At the end of the day, I am a slave to the tape and proud of it.”
    - Paul Tudor Jones
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  4. ajacobson


    Blair is really good and I thought there was a lot to gain from 78 Jack Schwager.
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  5. Sekiyo


    Didn’t know Blair but I’ve read all of Schwager’s book and his 1st one is definitely the best.

    Got to listen to Blair’s interview.
  6. ajacobson


    Blair just retired and got married - much of modern hedging is based on his concepts from the '80s.
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  7. traider


    What are his concepts?
  8. Craig66


    I remember the Blair Hull & Manoj Narang episodes being good. Some of the others are just painful.
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  9. LS1Z28


    I remember enjoying this interview. The guy's a real character.

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  10. ajacobson


    "What are his concepts?"

    He had a CBOE, CBOT and CME operations. He was among the first to trade single name options against their correlation to the broad indices. When you still traded in fractions this was a massive enhancement. Pretty common today. Sold Hull to SLK/Goldman for about half a billion dollars. He was also one of the most decent folks on the floor. Ran for the Senate here in Illinois against Obama. He was kicking Obama's butt until the Chicago Dems began a smear campaign.

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